The Fine Art of Designing a Home

Since founding his practice in 1975, Dinyar Wadia and his team at Wadia Associates have built a substantial body of residential homes and estates informed by classical and traditional sources and built for the modern age.

With offices in New Canaan, Connecticut, and Palm Beach, Florida, Wadia Associates has come to be recognized throughout the world for its skill and versatility at transforming the lessons of the past into the modern day, creating comfortable and luxurious homes tailor-made for its clientele.



We’re grateful for our clients. They’re why we exist. And while our hallmark is to design beautiful homes with exquisite details, we always stress that what you’re really hiring with an architect is collaboration. The relationship with the architect is built on trust, requires an understanding the client’s requirements, and extracting the details that will make the client’s dreams come true.

The Wadia Way

If you own a Wadia Associates designed home, or have visited a Wadia Associates designed home, you are immediately struck by the harmonious spatial arrangement, the quality of the materials, and the attention to every elegant feature. How does this happen on every job we do? It’s simple. We focus on the details. We call it “The Wadia Way.” It means as architects and designers, we go out into the building environment to make sure each project is built with the same level of detail that was specified by the architect, and as it was envisioned by the client. It means Dinyar Wadia goes to every jobsite to make sure each home is built to his exacting standards.


Everyone has a budget when they walk in the door at Wadia Associates, and we pride ourselves on being able to deliver our projects on time, and on budget, regardless of size. Wadia Associates has been in business for 40 years. Over those years, we’ve learned how to get things done efficiently, how to source and negotiate materials, and how to create custom pieces for less. We leverage our experience and market knowledge to save money for our clients on every project we do.

Designing Spaces

Dinyar Wadia was recently interviewed for the hit TV series Designing Spaces about the importance of hiring the right architect. After airing on NBC in NY, we wanted to share Mr. Wadia's thoughts about design, costs, and how to work with your architect so that all your requirements and desires are put into your project.






GETTING to know you
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drawing your home.



building your home.